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The Berkeley Jefferson Day Report Center

Ronda Eddy

Executive Director

Amy Bearman

Judy Adkins

Richard Barron
William Walters

Case Manager

Administrative Assistant

Community Service Supervisor

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Drug Screening Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

DHHR Drug Screening Hours

Monday - Friday

10:00 AM - 3:30 PM


To provide opportunities for offending individuals to become productive members of the community, address public safety issues, reduce recidivism and the collateral costs of incarceration.

Mission Statement

The Berkeley/Jefferson Day Report Center offers alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders in Berkeley and Jefferson Counties. The DRC seeks to provide assessments, treatment programs, community service, and drug monitoring for non-violent offenders. Our priority is to assist offenders in recognizing the cause of their criminal behavior and make a personal commitment to long term behavior change.

Referral Process

Ordered by a Circuit Court Judge as a condition of bond, probation, home incarceration, or pre-trial diversion.

Ordered by a Circuit Court Judge as a direct sentence.

Ordered by a Magistrate as a direct sentence, as a condition of bond, probation, or home incarceration.

Referral from Prosecuting Attorney as part of a diversion agreement.

Ordered by the Department of Corrections as part of a reentry program, requirement of home confinement, probation, or Department of Health and Human Resources.

Classes Offered

  • Drug and Alcohol

  • This group is designed for individuals who have had problems of drug abuse/dependence. It is largely psycho-educational, providing individuals with a better understanding of addiction and how to effect positive change in their lives, a thorough discussion of relapse and how to deal with it. There will be a discussion of other mental health issues which may have significant impact on addiction. Other topics will be addressed based on the particular needs of the group. Discussion's of family relationships, self assessment of long-term goals, spiritual, health and other issues germane to leading a healthier lifestyle. Periodic drug testing will be included.

  • Batterer Intervention Prevention Programs (BIPPS)

  • The BIPP program is facilitated by one contracted employee with the aid of an assistant. The Batterer group has one class with a maximum population of 12. This 32-week intensive educational program focuses on changing violent behavior and changing attitudes that promote abusive behavior.

  • Anger Management

  • Consists of a small group of individuals who have had issues of anger over a period of time. The group will provide psycho-educational information about the theory of anger and aggression, anger's function, the importance of thoughts, lifestyle, physiological responses of anger, irrational beliefs, principles of anger control, triggers of aggression, and coping skills. If deemed appropriate, additional therapy may be recommended after the group concludes.

  • Life Skills

  • As the name suggests, is a discussion based group developed to help individuals learn how to create, understand and utilize the skills needed to be successful in life as well as problem solving, coping skills, and the ability to recognize emotion as a way to develop positive relationships. The group addresses issues such as anger management, gender roles, stereotypes, relationship-building skills, parenting and education, time/money management, job seeking, resume writing, health and nutrition. This group is also used to teach individuals self awareness and respect, to recognize and accept ourselves, discover personal strengths and to manipulate our weaknesses by turning them into opportunities, and to show personal growth with self recognition and integrity, and to build and maintain confidence in the skills necessary for a successful life.

Class Schedule

Community Service

Community service is a key component of the Day Report Center in providing opportunities for the offender to repay the community. Employed offenders are required to perform 8 hours of community service with the unemployed offenders performing up to 28 hours. Appropriate community services included but are not limited to litter pick up, building cleaning, park maintenance, grass cutting, and snow removal. Offenders with specialized skills are matched with community projects where their skills can be best utilized. If a client signs up and fails to show up, BJDRC staff may add additional hours to the clients total.

Contact Us

  • Berkeley County

  • 406 South Raleigh Street
    Martinsburg, WV 25401

    Phone: 304-267-5000 ext. 3961
    Fax: 304-596-2047

  • Jefferson County

  • 106 East Washington Street
    Charles Town, WV 25414

    Phone: 304-728-3516
    Fax: 304-728-3614